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October 15, 2009
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It would determine the future of the Pokémon League Sinnoh division. I, the most powerful trainer in the country, was about to face the toughest challenge of my life. Before entering the room, I released all six of my pokémon.

Ferus was the first out. She was the first pokémon that I’d ever gotten. The empoleon collapsed as soon as she was released, fainted from a previous battle. I let the rest out, and they all materialized in front of me: Irihi, the strong-willed luxray who I’d met on my way to Jubilife City before even receiving a single badge, Ichiyou, my sceptile who had been given to me by my best friend, along with Kaen, my charizard. Reiki hadn’t even received a scratch during this ordeal, mostly due to his overwhelming power. Finally, there was Nai, the weavile. She was a fragile thing, but as tough as they come.

“Are y’all ready?” I asked them. Unenthusiastic cries came from the group, save for Reiki who was looking for adventure, looking to fight. Ferus, Nai, Ichiyou, and Irihi were all on the floor. I retrieved my pack from my back, and unzipped it. I’d organized it to have all things in an easy to find place. I opened up the slot for medical items, and retrieved a smaller sack. Red (who had also given me Ichiyou and Kaen) had sent it to me after he entered the Johto region. He’d told me that it was supposed to revive anything that touched it.

Opening the smaller pouch, I grabbed a small amount of the powder and spread it over my fainted allies. They arose almost immediately. Supposedly, this magical powder was all made from ashes of Ho-oh’s flames.

Next was healing Kaen and Reiki. Though not knocked-out, Kaen had taken a beating from the past few battles. Though I had used my last few max potions before the last battle, I had about three kilograms of sitrus berries. I had also been smart enough to put them all into single container, in knowing for such a situation. I emptied it in front of Kaen for him to devour. I then turned to Reiki.

“How are you feeling?” I asked him.

Communication through aura was odd, but I’d grown used to it. “My right forearm is somewhat sore, but other than that, I feel great.” He reported.

I outstretched my hand. “Let me see it.” He did as told. I did a quick pressure test, watching him intently for a cringe.

Feeling something wet, sticky, and warm made me cringe. Reiki was holding back a scream. Pulling back my hand, I noticed it covered in his blood. “Oh Mew…” I muttered. I pulled some gauze out from the pouch, and cleaned my hand with some. The rest I wrapped around Reiki’s arm. “How does that feel?” I asked.

He put his left forepaw on the gauze to feel it. “It still hurts, but it feels better.” He reported. “Don’t worry, Furu, I’ll beat ‘em up good.”

I smiled. “One more thing” I pulled out six bottles. “Hold still when I get to you.” I sprayed them all with max elixir, emptying the bottle with each spray. After spraying Kaen, I stood up.

“Okay, now I know that you’re all ready to battle, but I’ve got to speak first.” I held my fist up. “In that room there” I pointed to the awning. I couldn’t help but glance at the cameras. In a place as high-stakes as this, you’re always being watched. “Cynthia awaits us. Her spiritomb is sure to be up first.” I looked straight at Ferus. “You’re the best choice, because it has no weaknesses. You’ll set up a layer of stealth rocks, then I’ll take you back. I know from studying her battles that she saves her garchomp for last.” I handed her a focus sash, yet another gift from Red. “That earthquake will not do you any good, and I doubt you’ll make it past one. That’s why I’m giving you this.” I wrapped the cloth around her neck and tied it in a knot. “I’ll need your ice beam to win.”

“Who’ll take out the spiritomb?” Reiki asked.

I nodded. “Good question. That’ll be the job for Kaen. He’ll hopefully stay around to help me with her roserade, but I’ve got Nai for that. Ichiyou, the milotic is yours for the taking. If you get taken out, then Irihi is your backup. Hopefully, we won’t need him in that battle. Irihi, you’re going against the togekiss.”

With the full knowledge that I had left Reiki out of the deal, I began my walk to the champion’s room.

“Wait!” Reiki called.

I turned around slyly. “Yes?”

“You forgot me.”

I laughed. “Did I now? Then that means it’ll be a lucario versus lucario fight with you, buddy.”

He nodded, a smile would have been present had he been human. “Right”

I recalled all of them and attached them to the strap that hung around my body. I closed my eyes and took deep breaths before walking in with my eyes still closed. “I’m ready for you!” I announced.

“That’s good, because you’ll have to be.”

That voice… I opened my eyes. “Holy Arceus…”

Cynthia wasn’t standing there, but instead, a boy of about seventeen. “Hey, Furu, long time no see!”

Standing before me was my best friend, one that I’d battled several times before and lost. The one that had taught me all I knew: Red.

“What, aren’t you happy to see me?” He asked sarcastically.

I laughed. “I’ll be happy to see you crying in defeat.”

“That sounds like a challenge.” He said. “Now before we begin, I have to tell you the rules of this battle.”

I raised my hand in protest. “I already-”

He raised his in innocence “I know, but it’s a formality. I’ve got to.” He paused. “Unlike gym battles, this will be a six on six battle. I can switch pokémon at any time, and so can you. We battle until all of our pokémon are out. If you win, you’re the new champion. If I win, you go home, and train. Then you’ll come back when you’re ready.”

I nodded. “I’m ready.”

He pulled an ultra ball from his belt. “Good, then let’s get started!” He threw it up in the air. A gardevoir materialized in front of me. “Furu, you know I’m your friend, but I’m not going easy on you.” With that, platforms began to rise from where we were standing. A keypad was on the side to enter what we were going to do.

Smiling, I retrieved Ferus from my strap. “And neither shall I.” I threw her poké ball into the air. She formed in front of me.

“The challenger has the first move.”

Without hesitating, I announced Ferus’s move. “Stealth rocks!” A ring of rocks formed around Ferus. She launched them over to the gardevoir, and I watched them float mysteriously around it.

“My move now.  Kajin calm mind!” Kajin seemed to clear her mind.

Turn one had ended, and the official announced it. When he announced the beginning of the second turn, I knew what to do. My strategy against Cynthia was over, and while I had no worked out strategy against this team, I had a fairly good idea. We each punched in what we were going to do on the keypad. Again, I had the move. I unlatched a luxury ball, as well as Ferus’s poké ball. “Return, Ferus” I announced. I pressed the small white button on the ball, and she was whisked inside in a dazzling show of red light. “Go, Nai!” The weavile appeared in front of me and outstretched her arms in a show of strength. Her claws reflected light from the ceiling, as the choice band around her neck let gravity gently lower it down.

Red smiled. “Well this certainly makes things interesting. Unfortunately, we’ve been locked into a calm mind, and that’s what I’ll do.” Kajin proceeded to repeat her maneuver.

We repeated the same turn end rituals, typed in our attacks, and awaited the turn announcements. It was obvious that I’d go first. After all, weavile are about as fast as you can get.

“Nai, use a night slash attack.” Nai did as told, leaving Kajin spinning. It didn’t look like she’d be able to take another hit. Several seconds later, she collapsed.

Red had a sinister smile upon his face. “I’ve underestimated you. However, we’re not finished yet.” He recalled his fainted gardevoir, and retrieved a poké ball. “Go, Shura!” The heracross formed in mid-air, and preformed a summersault before landing. She cried out her battle cry. “Scared yet, Kei?” Red taunted. Kei was my last name, and I’ve hated it since I was born. I’ve been told it meant strong, but I still hate it.

“Not in the slightest.” I retrieved Nai’s ball. “Retreat, Nai.” Attaching her to my strap, I pulled out a dusk ball. “Go, Kaen!”

The flame on his tail flared on his arrival, but other than that, he seemed fairly calm.

Red smiled at the sight. “You’ve grown, Kaen.”
Kaen gained a confused look.

“I doubt you’ll remember me. I gave you to Furu as soon as you hatched. Nonetheless, you’re my foe.” Red paused. “Shura, use swords dance.”

Turn end rituals, and then back to the game. “Kaen, use sunny day.” I ordered. Kaen launched an orb of light straight from his muzzle into the air. The whole room became too bright for naked eyes.

“Good job” Red complimented. “Here, catch.” He tossed me a pair of sunglasses. The lenses of them were a bright red, like the eye protection that could be found on a flygon that was used to protect their eyes from the sand.

As I placed them on my eyes, he retrieved a pair from his battle stand and put them on. Unlike mine, they were jet black. “Unfortunately for you, Shura is using swords dance.”

We’d had an epic battle, and neither side gave an inch. Eventually, we were down to our last Pokémon. The sunlight had since faded, but I’d kept the glasses on (they looked fairly good on me). On my side, I had a fully capable Reiki. On his side was Sora, the skarmory who was impenetrable with physical attacks. We’d both taken serious damage, but I had this battle in the bag.

“Use Aura Sphere, Reiki.” I ordered.

As soon as the ball of energy hit Sora, he collapsed into a heap of flying metal.

Red stared in awe at his fainted skarmory. “I-” He stuttered. “Y- you beat me…”

My eyes widened. “Is he crying?” I muttered to myself.

I couldn’t see it at the time, but he was. As he picked his head up, tears were, indeed, streaming from his eyes. “Well, whatever. It had to happen at some point, right?” He smiled. “Follow me and you’ll be inducted into the Hall of Fame, and I’ll relinquish my title to you.”

The platforms that we stood on began to fall back into the floor. “Reiki, you’re getting some meat next time I see you.” I said as I recalled him. Red recalled Sora, and said something to him (though I couldn’t hear it).

“Furu, I’ve got to say, I’m quite proud of you.” Red stated. I watched his expression darken. “Unfortunately, your journey ends here.”

I stepped back. “Wh- what?” Normally Red was a fun guy, but his expression would make a demon cower.

He laughed, and looked away. “C’mon, after all of the work I did to get here, you honestly thought that I’d just let you leave with my title? No, sorry, no-can-do. You aren’t leaving here.” He looked back at me with an evil shadow across his face. “At least, not as yourself.”

I turned around. “Screw this, I’m out of here!” I shouted as I ran off.

“No… no you aren’t.” He snapped his fingers and a metal sheet appeared in the doorway.

“Crap” I muttered.

Red laughed maniacally. “You’ve lost this, Furu. Give it up.” He turned around and began walking to a wall. “Enjoy your new life, and don’t worry. I wouldn’t ever kill someone as weak as you.” He laughed again before opening, walking through, and rapidly closing the door behind him.

I released all of my pokémon. “C’mon guys, I need you now more than ever.” The main problem was, Reiki was the only one strong enough to remotely help me. “Sunova-” I recalled the rest of them. “Reiki, blast that door there with the most powerful attacks you’ve got.”

“Right” He confirmed as he began to blast aura spheres at it.

“Now to figure out-” I was cut off by a hissing sound, and a wet feeling. I looked up and saw something pouring out from the speakers. “What the hell?” I was answered by a cooler feeling running down my body. I examined and was met with the sight of my clothes melting away.

“Don’t worry. It’s a mild acid that doesn’t affect living things. You and your lucario will remain unharmed. I do recommend releasing your other five.” Red’s voice announced. I did as told and watched the pathetic sight of them collapsed over the floor.

It took several minutes, but eventually, I was completely naked. Embarrassed, I laid myself on the ground belly down.

“Get over it, Furu. It’ll be over soon.” With that, the sound of what came from the sprinklers overhead shifted, turning from a low hum into a sound that showed that the density of the liquid had become lighter. Reiki could still be heard blasting away at the wall. I stayed on the ground and shut my eyes, unaware of the upcoming changes.

The first sign that something was wrong was an overwhelming dryness enveloping my skin. I didn’t know what was happening, though, because I refused to open my eyes. “Furu, you really need to look.”

I recognized the aural communication. “Reiki, you’ve got to open that door.” I ordered.

“Not until you look! Furu, you’re losing you.”
Those words, not the order, bad my eyes blast open. As I gazed, I was met with an unexpected sight. “What the hell?” My arms had been changed to become nearly unrecognizable. In place of the skin that usually inhabited it, there was what could only be described as green scales.

“Scared yet, Furu?” Red taunted. “Well, you should be. Flip yourself over. I need you to be completely covered.” I didn’t move. “Or you can wait for the room to flood and drown. Take your pick.” I cursed under my breath. I knew he was right, and did as told. This time, I watched the scales form, quickly replacing the skin. Several square patches of darker green arose as well around my knees. As the scales got onto my head, my hair began falling out. “That’s right, let me be in control.” Red laughed the same laugh.

“Why are you doing this?” I shouted at the speaker.

I couldn’t see his face, but by the sound of his voice, he was angry. “I’m not letting some freak like you luck into the Champion’s throne.”

“But I-”

“am becoming a flygon.” He finished. The water pressure again changed, and another liquid poured out. “Now for the antennae.”

He was right. A sharp pain in my head brought upon a massive, darker green bulge from the top of my head. I reached up to feel two long protrusions inching their way out from my head. “Stop this!” I pleaded.

“And the goggles…” This time, nothing really happened at first. That is, until the liquid reached past the bulge in my head. It began with the pain of being cut appearing around each eye in a circle.

I screamed out and lifted my scaly hands to them. I felt the warm blood trickling out of the area. I kept my hands there, and felt them form over into a bulb over each eye. The bulb nearly covered each half of my face. The use of it was to keep sand out of a flygon’s eyes, as they lived in deserts. I blinked several times. The red film over everything was something I was going to have to get used to. After several seconds, the shower stopped.

“Furu, are you alright?” It actually didn’t come out in Kantan. I had been able to translate it from the language of pokémon.

I looked up. “Who was that?” I asked, still in Kantan.

“Me, are you alright?” Reiki was the speaker.

I knelt down in the liquid. “I should be asking you. This stuff isn’t affecting you?” I ran my hand along his coat.

“I can make it affect him.” Red stated calmly.

I cringed. “Do whatever you want to me, but leave my pokémon alone.” I spat.

I could imagine Red shrugging by the tone of his voice. “Suit yourself. This next part won’t be fun.” More liquid began to stream from the ceiling.

I screamed as I felt like I was going to split in half, and for a split second, I wished that I would so I could end this Mew awful suffering. I couldn’t see it, but I felt lumps growing on my back, coming out of my spine. I immediately placed them as new limbs, or more precisely, wings. They eventually burst out, growing larger and larger as time passed by.

When the liquid finally stopped, it was up to my waist. With all of the pain I was in, it was easy to forget the risk of eventual drowning. I remembered something. “Kaen, you’ve got to get away from here!” If his tail became unlit, he’d die. While I knew there wasn’t a way for him to get away, he could fly.

“I suppose since you were so demanding as to not have your pokémon hurt, I should oblige. Your charizard may exit, but no one else.” Red announced. A small opening began to appear in the ceiling.

The feeling of aural communication flooded me. “Furu, leave this place.” Reiki ordered.

I couldn’t speak, or Red would guess something was up. How?

Reiki would have pointed up to the opening, which was almost ready for Kaen, but that too would have raised Red’s suspicion. “Escape through there. With those wings, you can fly. Go on, run. I’ll protect the others. Hurry! There isn’t much time!”

The opening made a loud boom, which signaled that it was done. Kaen began flying. I turned back to Reiki and nodded. “Kaen, go as fast as you can!” He listened. Once he was almost out, I stretched out my new wings. “Alright, let’s see what these can do!” I took a few flaps to get the hang of it, and jumped. I flapped as hard as I could, but all I was doing were front flips.

Red’s laugh rang over the announcement system. As Kaen finally escaped (with one last look), the opening shut. “I guess you can’t fly yet, huh? I can help with that.”

Shaking my head, I sighed. “Just do what you want. I’m already gone.”

“If that’s what you want, then so be it.” The liquid slowly rose even more, but strangely enough, nothing happened. I heard a sigh. “I guess I’ll have to drain some of that room.” A sound not unlike an emptying bathtub came from the floor. When the water was at my knees, it stopped. He started the shower again.

This feeling was a lot like the one from my wings, but centered at my coccyx. It burst out like a snake into a scaly green tail with darker green rings circling it. I screamed again as three appendages grew from this new one. They looked a lot like my wings, but smaller, with the same red outline. I felt it stop. “I- is it over?”

“Not quite” Without missing a beat, the liquid changes again. I felt myself shrinking. It wasn’t much, mind you, but it was noticeable.  Next, all of my toes retracted, leaving a plain foot that had begun to balloon. In fact, my entire form was starting to. My legs, which had the green stripes, were pushed upward with moving bones. They also thickened with muscle.

Fingers retracted just like toes. Although, only two did, leaving a thumb and two fingers, each with lengthening claws. My arms remained relatively the same. The next changes came to my head. My ears retracted inward, leaving two holes. I felt up to them and held just as they were lost for good. I looked upward. “Is this what you do to all winning trainers, Red?” I shouted as my mouth received a pushing feeling.

“What? I’m sorry, but I don’t speak pokémon.” He laughed again.

I felt my face. “What, no!” As my nose melted, leaving two holes, I listened to my voice which wasn’t speaking Kantan.

“The final changes are upon you.” He was right. All of my teeth were falling out as new ones moved it to replace them. These teeth were sharper, tougher, and not suited for the consumption of plants. They were for tearing through meat. “And voila! What are you now but a poor flygon?”

“Go to Hell!”

“Gon flygon? I don’t know what that means. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to capture me a flying dragon.” Sound ceased from the intercom.

I looked at my pokémon. “Guys, I have an idea, but I’ll need your help for it.” I pointed to Ferus and Irihi. “I need y’all to block the door once-” I pointed to Ichiyou and Nai. “Ichiyou and Nai hold Red down.”

“What about me?” Reiki asked.

I tried to smile, but this new form couldn’t allow it. “Just follow me.”

Just as I said that, Red appeared in the doorway. “C’mere, Furu, I need a flygon in my arsenal. I flew up as high as I could. Red took the bait. He stepped completely into the room, and I flew out.

“C’mon, Reiki!” I flew up the steps into his control room, with my friend close behind. We came out in a room filled with flashing lights and random buttons.

Reiki ran ahead as I touched down. “I’ve got to admit, but this guy’s got to be smart to control this.”

I nodded, but immediately headed to the main panel. There were a lot of buttons, but several were clearly marked. I pressed the one for the door to be shut, and an image appeared on the screen. Red had been set free, but he was banging against the shut door.

“What do you think is good enough for him? How about a caterpie?” I asked.

Reiki nodded, and I pressed the button marked “clothing”. This would be fun.
I forced that last part out. A request from :iconkaliam:, a Flygon TF.

Furu Kei is the protagonist. Urufu means wolf in Japanese. I changed Urufu around to Furu. Kei, as stated in the story, means strength.

This Red is not from the manga.

"Looking for adventure, looking to fight" is from [link] I plan on putting something from an internet awesome thing into every written request.

Pokemon and all content are registered trademarks of Nintendo.
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friedcheese22 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014
Extra Ending (after Red finishes transforming into a Caterpie):
Furu: Hey Red. The thing I was trying to tell you is "Go to hell"
Red: So?
Reiki: Welcome to hell.
Reiki and Furu attack Red until he is unconscious and they take him to the wild and leave him there. Afterward Furu and all his Pokemon go to live in a secret place, far from any trainers who might catch them. 
Pokemon-TF-Fan Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Perhaps this secret place is the Mystery Dungeon universe.
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